Information and Rules

Welcome to Goomburra Valley Campground. It is our pleasure to have you as guests on our property. To enhance your safety and ensure you have an enjoyable experience, and to avoid any embarrassing situations please read the following.

Campers and Day Visitors

We require that all guests register with us and pay fees on arrival. In the interests of health, safety and security it is important for us to know who is on the property at all times. Any person on our property who does not register their name with us upon arrival could be considered to be trespassing and therefore may be asked to leave. Whether you are camping with a group or on your own, no other person may register for you.

Check In/Out

CHECK IN: Between 8.00am and 7.00pm (please note: the gate will be closed for the consideration of other campers).
CHECK OUT: Before Sunset.
Office hours: 8am – 6pm.

(Peak times - check in and check out may be different, please ask about it when booking)

Driving and Cars

  • We allow for one vehicle per site, any extra vehicles are to be parked in area in front of workshop.

  • Be aware of children playing and riding bicycles.

  • Normal road rules apply in the park. Help us to conserve the grass by avoiding any unnecessary driving - all facilities, showers & bbq’s are within easy walking distance and a trolley is provided for firewood.

Setting Up

  • Campers are required to set up on sites allocated to them by management.

  • Shade cloths or enviro mats are our preferred ground sheets. Please avoid using tarpaulins.

  • Whilst every effort is made to ensure that any dead/dying or dangerous limbs are removed from the trees in the campsites, care must be exercised by guests when setting up camp. (look up before you set up!)

  • Please do not damage or destroy flora and fauna.

To preserve our grass:

  • If you need to tip fat or hot water out, you can use the base of a tree.

  • We have provided concrete around the fireplace to put your hot camp ovens.

  • Do not dig trenches or holes.


  • Guests are welcome to ride their bikes but not on cement paths around the amenities, bunkhouse and undercover eating areas.

  • Helmets must be worn by all at all times. Helmets are available for hire if you forgot yours.

Fires and Firewood

Due to problems with council and neighbours ABSOLUTLEY NO bush wood is to be collected from our grounds OR FROM ANYWHERE IN THE VALLEY. If you have not brought wood with you from home, it can be purchased from the office. Any one found to have contravened this rule will be evicted immediately.

  • You may bring your own wood but it must be pre-cut into lenghts approx 12 inches or so as to fit in the fireplace.
  • Modest fires are allowed in designated fireplaces only.
  • Do not leave fires unattended and extinguish fires before departure.
  • Do not burn wood on the bbq plates of your fireplace or put ash on the ground. If your fireplace needs to be emptied please see management.
  • If you need to use coals outside the fire, or braziers, please use the concrete around the fireplace – not the grass.
  • The stumps around your fireplace are provided for splitting your firewood.


  • Children are to be under parental control at all times.

  • Do not let children play in the eating area or on the stage.

  • Please don’t leave children alone at fires.

  • We are happy for children to tie a bit of meat to string for children to catch yabbies in the creek, but to protect an endangered species of frog, we no longer allow yabby traps.

  • Please do not throw foodstuffs into the creek as rotting food is not pleasant.


  • Please keep music levels within your own campsite.

  • Please turn music off at 10pm.

  • All forms of noise are to be kept to a reasonable level at all times, but to an absolute minimum after 10pm.and before 7am.

Offensive / foul language will not be tolerated at any time.


  • All water is drinkable unless otherwise stated. Bore water is sterilised and the rain water is filtered. There are no water connections for vans but you may top up with jerry cans or buckets if needed. Connecting with a hose to fill up will incur a charge.

  • Showers are included in fees (no tokens or money needed) but please be aware of water restrictions and use water carefully by limiting showers.

  • Please note that because of certain chemicals we do not allow shower tents or portable toilets on your site. There are enough showers/toilets for everyone to use.


  • Please use the clothes line provided; stringing lines between trees could cause an injury. Please leave camp areas clean and tidy for the next person to enjoy and please use the rubbish bins provided.

  • Please remember you are in a natural bush setting so shoes should be worn at all times.

  • Trail bikes, chainsaws and generators are strictly prohibited

  • Please do not empty caravan canisters or portable toilets into our systems. The nearest dump point is in Allora.

Please note: No refund/or credit for early departure or late arrival or inclement weather

Failure to comply with these rules may result in your being requested to leave the property and liable for any damages incurred.

Please report any problems or disturbances to Management.

Come to the office and ring the bell, or if it’s at night and our light is on - we are available.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to come and have a chat with us.

Rest, relax and enjoy your stay.

Thank you,

Brad & Teresa